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A passionate web developer and graphic designer – the owner of Weblab Creative Solutions.

Hi, I’m Monika Harmund from Budapest, Hungary. I have been living in the USA and I’ve been a freelance designer at Weblab Creative Solutions (former Monika’s Home Studio) since 2008. My specialties include web design (and development), print designlogo design, branding and motion graphics.

I love visual communication and working with others who are equally passionate about what they do. I take pride in being able to turn ideas into a design that effectively communicates what the client wants to say.

When I’m away from the desk, I’m with my 2 amazing little boys and my wonderful husband. 🙂 My other interests are hair tissue mineral analysis, yoga, travel, photography and One Brain kinesiology.


My focus has always been to help my clients bring their visions to life through my experience and creativity and to constantly improve my skill set and knowledge for design and the technology that drives it. I’m committed to guide my clients to make well informed decisions that will grow their businesses.


My ultimate mission is not only to help others to succeed using my artistic views, creativity, commitment and incredible perfectionism, but to be a role model for my children by proving that you can only live a balanced life in harmony and achieve your larger goals if you love what you do.


The goal of any design piece is to communicate a message. Therefore it’s critical that the design succeeds in clearly communicating the message and that it resonates with the audience. I believe in minimal, clear design that doesn’t obstruct the message and doesn’t confuse the audience.


Adobe Muse
Premiere Pro
After Effects


Over the years of creating different forms of art for my clients, I have developed some of the best methods and techniques that save time and money. This helps me ensure that my clients receive the highest quality production work at a reasonable cost.

I firmly believe in making professional web design and development, branding, print design, video production and motion graphics available to all types of businesses. Whether you are a small mom-and-pop business that is in need of a logo, business card, website, short commercial or ad video, or you are a large corporation looking to produce a lengthy film, I have what it takes to get your idea developed and brought to life.

To me, web design and all of the other modern arts are my life, let me share that love of life with you and your project. I know that you won’t be disappointed when you see what I can create for you.

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